Supply Chain Management

bigLITTLEfy’s founder, Tony started his career in supply chain technology before starting his own technology company. Since then, Tony has introduced ERP solutions to companies in Edmonton to streamline and digitize their supply chain.

With our team of 5, we do not affiliate ourselves with any software providers. Instead, we bring our large portfolio of case studies to find a solution that is suitable for your business.

Our portfolio includes solutions to:

  1. Inventory challenges - Physical

  2. Inventory challenges - Software (barcoding, voice activated picking, cold storage, RFID)

  3. Inventory valuation challenges - Software (accounting, business intelligence and reporting)

  4. e-Commerce Start ups

  5. Amazon affiliate partners in inventory management and multichannel listings

  6. Grocery chain EDI, Wal-Mart EDI, Sobeys EDI

  7. Shipping integration with Canada Post, UPS, FeDex…but that’s the easy stuff. We understand LTL shipments too!

  8. Manufacturing in furniture & CNC machining