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construction software

bigLITTLEfy has helped accelerate the goals of Alberta's contractors in the construction and roofing industries. Working with general contractors and ARCA, we deliver the best solutions to organizations seeking to digitize their operations in Accounting, Payroll, HR, Project Costing, Project Estimating, Document Control, Work in Progress, Inventory, and more! 

Not all software are created equal, and we are not biased with software that we sell. We provide expert advice based on our diverse portfolio and individualized software solutions.

We are happy to take on projects on upgrading Accounting, Payroll, HR, Project Costing, Project Estimation, Work-in-Progress, Document Controls, Purchasing, Inventory and many other construction-related modules! 

One of our clients, Acron Roofing in Edmonton Alberta recently upgraded their dos based system to Sage ERP. Their reports allows them to make better decisions and integrate with estimation programs. You can visit them here!

supply chain software

bigLITTLEfy's core is driven by supply chain; the world is driven by supply chain. Our expertise stems from challenges we experienced during our early careers in technical implementation and from a managerial standpoint. 

We understand that change in an organization requires a good strategy and tactful execution. bigLITTLEfy's strategy starts with the vision and mission of your company and we work collaboratively with your organization to achieve the goal. 

We are happy to take on projects on upgrading Accounting, Payroll, HR, Purchasing, Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), integrations, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Sales Orders, Remote Access, and many more supply chain-related modules!

Our current project with eMotors Direct Inc. (Universal Rewind in Edmonton) is growing in the eCommerce market. eMotors Direct Inc. started their project this year to become an information powerhouse for the electrical motor industry, as well as a distributor of motors such as Teco Westinghouse, Baldor, Leeson and more! 

Together with bigLITTLEfy, we are building eCommerce engine using Enterprise Resource Planning software with NetSuite. Shipping integration with Purolator, UPS, Fedex, and Day & Ross. And a state of the art warehousing facility.

eMotors is looking to launch in late 2017. 

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