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So you're a new business owner. Exciting huh? We started our journey as entrepreneurs and now we are operating an IT Support company in Edmonton AND a restaurant called Grain of Rice in Edmonton.

In addition bigLITTLEfy's owner Tony is also a partner in an optometry clinic in Edmonton. Here's our take on how starting out, or even improving your business using information technology can assist you in your day-to-day. 

We are going to focus on Server Infrastructure in this article, as it is the easiest to understand and all businesses have an accounting database, and business documents stored somewhere, somehow. Stay with us though, we wish to share with you why IT Services and Software seem like an endless money pit. 

Here's scenario 1:

You, a business owner is feeling growth. You have a great support team and staff. You have printers, desktops, a pile of paperwork, unanswered voicemail(s) but everybody is working hard and doing their best. 

Your printer stops working, why? You've installed drivers, updated Windows and did everything and it often stops working. 

You call an IT Support company and they fix it for you every time. You move on, they're happy you're happy. 

But what is actually causing this issue? How much downtime and confusion has it caused, and as an owner. Should a printer issue be escalated to your level? Not what bigLITTLEfy thinks. 

An example of our solution starts from the root of the issue. And in this scenario, we would start with understanding your hardware, setup and how the printer is used. Often times, a printer is connected via computer and away it goes. But in a business with 5, 10, or 15+ users sharing 1 printer, things get a little messy and routing of a print job starts to become inconsistent. 

we manage your information technology from start to finish

After our examination, we would present to you the right solution, the first time. It may sound tedious, but in practice it is extremely user friendly. 

Here's how the problem happened in the first place: 

A printer is connected to your network, or computer(worse scenario) and then shared with everybody in your organization. Print jobs are rendered on either a PC or a router that cannot handle the task effectively enough. A refresh, or uninstall-reinstall is usually the band-aid fix. But this will be on-going, and every time the router or PC gets hung up, you'll be faced with this problem. Diagnosing which component(3 in this case) it is will yield time, and money.  

In our approach:

1. Discover amount of users sharing printers
2. Discover potential network latency issues
3. Discover any wifi-enabled devices and reception challenges
4. Discover software package used, file storage size, and email requirements

After we have collected some data about you, this scenario we would approach to you with:

1. A Small Medium Business Server, lifetime of 4~7 years. 
2. Connection from all your desktops to the server (Active Directory, Domain Server)
3. Assign server to host your routing of internet, and intranet(internal data) activities

we are not afraid to speak our mind and provide you a neutral opinion on technology

A server will act as your gateway and we can hard program the printer to be on a network and then shared with every other computer. When a printer doesn't work--there's only 1 area to diagnose and fix. Saving you time and money. Computers are much like humans. We are naturally more efficient when presented with 1 single task. Computers are the same way. Servers can truly assist in bringing efficiency to your business and eliminating your downtime. 

In addition to having a server, you also benefit from control of your internet and intranet traffic. Our solution also allows you to increase your security with the server, because we would incorporate a database to house your staff's login credentials, control permissions of files that each individual can see, or cannot see. And many more security features.

IT Services can seem like a money pit when an individual or organization does not share with you the big picture and let you know your options. If it is set up correctly the first time, you shouldn't have to continuously spend money on break-fix scenarios, instead you are investing into technology to stay updated, secured and eliminate down-time.

This is the bigLITTLEfy difference, and we hope you see how a printer problem can be solved indefinitely through appropriate consultation, setup and on-going maintenance. 

Does your IT Company align with your business vision? Are they risk takers in embracing new technology to deliver to you the best in class service? 

bigLITTLEfy loves new technology and evaluates all software and hardware from a neutral perspective. Whether it is Dell, Lenovo, HP or Apple. As long as it gets the job done efficiently, we will provide you the sound advice to do so with our bespoken services. 



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