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warehouse handheld scanners - it's all the same

You've been to large warehouses, you're in awe of how they operate. Seamless, efficient, well trained and accurate. We have been the worker bee, we've been the purchaser, we've been the accounts receivable and payable, the sales guy, the packer, the shipper the counter...We understand logistics. The challenge drives us.

"The art of good business is being a good middleman."

Reach more customers, quickly and effectively

Reach more customers, quickly and effectively

omnichannel there and back again

First there was multichannel, then cross channel and now omnichannel. The distribution business is constantly evolving and great business leaders often find loop holes to increase sales, or increase efficiency in their operations. 

Decades ago, we had retail stores, word of mouth, phone sales. This was a definition of selling on separate channels. 

Our distribution has evolved as customers and businesses are using different ways to do their transactions. They may come from phone, sales people, online, or even direct online ordering. And each of these channels seem to have their own channel. For example, "online" would have Amazon, eBay, Alibaba just to list 3. 

As a business owner, you don't want to limit your option to sell. You need to increase your options to sell and get exposed. 

A recent client of ours sells on 8 different channels. Managing stock count on even 1 item across 8 different channels would be a nightmare without proper software, policies and procedures. 

Contact us today to learn more on expanding your channel and increasing exposure of your products. (780) 257-8596 and ask to speak to one of our business analysts.

bigLITTLEfy Edmonton recommends running all your company software on our Managed IT Services platform to ensure optimal performance,

Handheld barcode Scanners to bring your efficiency and decrease errors

RFID, bar code scanning, light-activated picking. You've seen these before. You've heard of them. But you've never made the jump and investment. Why is that? Confidence of the company you're hearing the sales pitch from and/or lack of information is common to us. 

Our analysts have worked in business compliance with Electronic Data Interchange, or EDI, and large corporations that distributes internationally. In addition, all of our analysts have been positioned in warehouse positions, to c-level management positions. We understand and grasp the challenges at a very deep level. And we take efficiency personally.

Obtaining 99% accuracy in the warehouse is the easy part. Our automation includes the standard picking and automated receiving. Label printing for orders, shipment labels, and receiving labels to tell you when a shipment is arriving!

However, in logistics. We cannot be focused on only one area. We are big picture thinkers and will share with you the things you don't know. Business compliance, extra software integrations, and things that you may have missed to ensure your budget is utilized effectively and to stay within budget. 

Motorola unit displayed

Motorola unit displayed

Growth is available everywhere

Growth is available everywhere

costing method to find your profits

Often times, it is not the software that you need changed. But it may be your procedures, or maybe it is YOU.

We all naturally find scapegoats and excuses to avoid owning up to mistakes. No matter how much we say we admit our mistakes, we are human. It's natural. 

However, a good logistics business owner is data driven and we make data driven decisions. bigLITTLEfy has it down to a science in finding you data driven results to help you make informed decisions. 

No matter what software you're currently on, and if you're experiencing difficulties achieving a goal. We'd like to hear about it. Often times, a change in procedure is all it takes. 

Not to say there are other times where a business' growth is stunted by software. Businesses experiencing a large amount of growth should investigate into Enterprise Resource Planning software or ERP. Or a Customer Relationship Management programs to assist them in making better decision as these software deliver business intelligence.

bigLITTLEfy consults in Sage, NetSuite, J.D Edwards, Accellos, HighJump, EDI for supply chain logistics industry. 

Call us to learn more about our clients and case studies! (780) 257-8596. We are happy to share our wealth of information.