Accountants that uses Simply Accounting, QuickBooks, ProFile, TaxPrep, CaseWare and similar programs should consult with us first. We ensure that you’re 100% compliant with best security practices to date, as well as you have the freedom to work efficiently. Not all accounting firms are created equal!

Technology should have:

  • Security

  • Efficiency

  • Redundancy

bigLITTLEfy has a deep understanding in day to day operations in accounting firms from 5 persons, to 100 persons. bigLITTLEfy is founded upon accounting firms in Edmonton. What sets us apart is that we understand the software that accountants use, and understand tax season demands. We allocate our time based on this season to ensure a smooth ride during this hectic season.

One more thing…

We don’t defer problems to Intuit, or Sage, or anyone else. We understand the issues that firms face with servers, Simply Accounting, ProFile, TaxPrep, OfficeTools, Practice Management, QuickBooks, and more. Give us a test, we’d be happy to share with you our unique methods of management that puts us above all else.