finding business solutions through technology

Our experts have worked hard in the corporate industry, fulfilling corporate dreams. Reflecting on our experiences and "side jobs," we realized that many SMB wish to have the same utilities and expertise as large corporations do, but lack an expendable budget.

We took this realization as the perfect opportunity to launch bigLITTLEfy. 

"My adventure began with online video games in 2002. Since then, I have been continually fascinated by e-currency, consumer electronics and how the world is connected through the Internet. 

As the fruit companies battled, I was working in the corporate world focusing on automation, security and efficiency. Countless hours spent on hard work, research and development in the technology world led me to understand that the Alberta SMB sector could use my expertise as well. So I thought, why would I help a corporation achieve their dreams when I can help the SMB sector achieve the same success...and earn myself a happier, sustainable lifestyle?"

It's 2016.  Let's bigLITTLEfy your business today.

Tony Phung